Make Bluewater Lodge & Marina Your Home Port!

Bluewater Lodge & Marina, your gateway to Georgian Bay

In August of 1976, Gary Vessair purchased Mel’s Marina, an existing marina in
the heart of Honey Harbour. The original Marina had only 30 small docks and a
mix of older storage buildings. Expansion was inevitable and over a 25-year
period, docks were replaced with steel floating structures and buildings were
removed and replaced with modern steel storage and service buildings.

In the spring of 2020, Paragon Marina was purchased by Maple Leaf Marinas in
hopes of bringing their expertise and knowledge to help improve the marina and
create better experiences for our boaters. Bluewater Lodge Marina now has
dockage for 215 boats ranging in size from 15 – 65 feet, as well as an office and
a chandlery building, paved parking and driveway, electronic gate and security
fenced perimeter. We are a full-service marina capable of meeting all your
boating needs.

The neighbouring property to Paragon Marina, Blue Water Lodging, was
purchased in the fall of 2020 by Maple Leaf Marinas. Blue Water Lodging is a
short-term rental property that also acts as a RV park to a number of seasonal
RV’s. Bluewater is also able to accommodate dockage for 40 boats up to 25’ in
length. The slips are used for seasonal dockage servicing customers with
cottages in the area and they are also used as an extra for short term rentals.

Through the acquisition of the two properties, Maple Leaf Marinas felt it was best
to merge the businesses creating Bluewater Lodge and Marina. This provided the
best opportunity for growth at both the marina and the lodge.

Bluewater Lodge and Marina will always provide the best possible experience for
our customers and will ensure that spending time on the water is relaxing and